An excerpt from A Twist in the Tail

“The postmodern giants, ogres and witches that haunt us may twist meanings and deplete the quality of our lives by destroying our hope and maiming our lives, but they will never be able to eliminate the essence of dreams for a better life.”
Jack Zipes

The long breakfast finally comes to an end after two brief interruptions, once by the second cigarette I smoke, after having forced down two slices of bread, then by a third one, following another slice generously spread with the fig jam, the taste – or even the existence – of which I have long forgotten.

“It’s very warm today, almost like summer.” Talking just for the sake of talking, right, Tara?

“Once Bura drops, that’s what happens. Maestral might even get up soon.” He stands up and starts clearing the table. “Shall we go sailing? We should make the most of this weather, you know.” He pauses as he picks up my plate. “Have you ever dived from the cliff over the Dark Cave?”

I hold on to Nadir’s proposal like I would to a life jacket after our long breakfast, which tried my patience to the limit; all that talk about lies and betrayal. I realise that the reason I want to go sailing is not so much to enjoy this weather as it is to show Nadir what a good sailor I am. Why? I don’t know why. I am used to being competitive, to going for the challenge, to proving that I am no less competent than men, especially when someone dares me to do something as scary as diving from the cliff over the Dark Cave. I wonder how many girls he has taken to that cliff to dive? Perhaps a shepherd girl from the village, taking time off from her goats? Are there any young girls on this island? Does Nadir have any girlfriends? Perhaps when he was an adolescent. Puppy loves. Brief and shallow flirtations with the insignificant girls, in his insignificant education team, in a boring seaside town.


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